49 euro ticket puts Flixbus under pressure

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In domestic German traffic, the long-distance bus provider Flixbus is feeling the effects of the German 49-euro ticket. On some routes, especially in large cities and in the area of ​​tourist destinations around the North and Baltic Seas, the offer has been thinned out.

Demand had noticeably decreased on numerous routes, so Flixbus had to react for economic reasons, a media representative explained to the Rheinische Post. People continue to demand inclusion in the 49 euro ticket, from which they have so far been excluded. In Austria, too, the Flixbus routes are not included in the climate ticket. According to concessionaire Dr. Richard is said to be on the side of trafficThe Ministry does not want the Flixbus long-distance bus routes within Austria to be part of the climate ticket.

Flixbus in Munich (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Flixbus in Munich (Photo: Jan Gruber).