Air Montenegro is adding four new routes

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The airline Air Montenegro is flying to four new destinations next summer. The new connections will be served from Podgorica and Tivat.

The airline Air Montenegro is planning to add four new destinations for the coming summer season. Specifically, flights are planned from Podgorica to Munich and Ostrava and from Tivat to Baku and Izmir. The flights to Munich, Ostrava and Baku are scheduled to start in June and be served by the airline until September, reports the Ex-Yu Aviation News portal. The Tivat-Izmir route is scheduled to start in April and operate throughout the summer. The flight schedule is as follows: The Podgorica-Munich route is to be served twice a week, Ostrava once a week. Like Munich, Baku is served twice a week, the Tivat-Izmir route three times a week.

Embraer 195 (Photo: Mario Caruana / MAviO News).
Embraer 195 (Photo: Mario Caruana / MAviO News).