Air Slovenia: Offshore holding wants to set up airline for Maribor

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Maribor Airport is considered extremely sleepy when it comes to scheduled flights. Despite several attempts, no offer has been able to sustain itself in the long term. Now a company based in the British Virgin Islands wants to set up a carrier called Air Slovenia and fly from this airport.

According to a report by, representatives of Anisos Holding Company have approached the government and presented their plans to establish a Slovenian airline that will operate from Maribor. The Ministry of Finance confirmed this.

What is noteworthy is that there are strong similarities to SHS Aviation's failed plans. Apart from a few Fokker 50 flights operated under the VLM brand name, not much has happened. However, the Chinese company owed the government the lease. The new interested parties also dream that Maribor can be turned into a hub for Europe-Asia flights.

The project is unrelated to the planned establishment of a new state carrier. The government is in an exploratory phase with possible partners. Among others, we are talking to the Slovenian Amelia International and Cyprus Airways.

Maribor Airport (photo: flightlog).
Maribor Airport (photo: flightlog).