Cockpit Association threatens pilot strike at Discover Airlines

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The pilots' union Cockpit Association is threatening that a warning strike could be called at Discover Airlines before Christmas 2023. The negotiations would be at an impasse.

In a press release, the VC writes that it sees the recent negotiations as a stalling tactic. To date, there are no collective agreements at the Lufthansa subsidiary Discover Airlines. “In this situation, the Cockpit association has to realize that the employer apparently needs a signal of determination to fight for appropriate collective bargaining conditions. The Cockpit Association wants to get the negotiations going again and is forced to use a warning strike to emphasize the demands for real and reliable negotiations. A warning strike can take place at short notice - even before Christmas. The management of Discover is urged not to delay the demands for initial tariffing any longer. The colleagues were patient for a long time, but now they need sensible and safe conditions for the cockpit staff,” said the VC in a press release.

Airbus A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Airbus A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).