Austria's cable cars are largely profitable

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Due to the comparatively warm winter of 2023/24, the Austrian cable cars had fewer operating days. However, many providers have increased prices significantly under the guise of “high energy costs”.

Put into further figures, according to the current value added survey (winter 22/23), the Austrian cable cars achieved a total turnover of 12,6 billion euros and thus generated 6,7 billion euros in added value - of which 5,5 billion euros were in other sectors. In addition to sales tax revenue of 1,9 billion euros, Hörl also emphasizes the “cable car multiplier” of currently 7,1. This means that 1.000 euros net in wages, salaries, profits and depreciation for the cable cars turns into an average of 7.100 euros, which is capitalized in added value in the respective region.

Riesneralm (Photo: Ski Riesneralm).
Riesneralm (Photo: Ski Riesneralm).