Austrian tourism wants to benefit from Interreg projects

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“Projects across borders are not only an important instrument of regional development, but tourism also benefits from European networks. With the event we want to draw attention to the wide range of tourism-relevant EU Interreg projects. It is important to us that the valuable content is picked up by companies and destinations and used in the best possible way in accordance with Plan T. At the same time, we are making a contribution to the implementation of the EU Alpine region strategy,” said Tourism State Secretary Susanne Kraus-Winkler at the event.

“Salzburg has always had great interest in cross-border cooperation, not least because of its geographical location. Over many years, cooperation with other regions in the Alps has become an important source of inspiration. Particularly in tourism, these EU projects have enabled innovative approaches to sustainable tourism development and helped to find joint answers to the challenges of the industry - such as changing guest needs, climate change, sustainability, digital change and a shortage of skilled workers. Salzburg institutions are sought-after partners in cross-border EU projects. And I am pleased that the results of these projects are being presented to a broad audience today and provide food for thought for further initiatives that will help secure and strengthen this important sector of the economy,” said Brigitta Pallauf, President of the Salzburg State Parliament.

At the event organized by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economics in cooperation with Innovation Salzburg and the Paracelsus Medical University on November 21, 2023, there was a concentrated overview of the applicability of the results of more than 20 projects, including in the areas of cultural, nature and health tourism, Accessibility, mobility, digitalization, climate change, skilled workers and sustainable destination development.

Lake Wolfgang (Photo: Salzburg AG Tourismus GmbH).
Lake Wolfgang (Photo: Salzburg AG Tourismus GmbH).