Entry without a visa: China sees tourist numbers boosted

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The European tourism and hospitality sectors are experiencing a significant increase in Chinese travelers during the Chinese New Year holidays. This trend is expected to continue throughout the Year of the Dragon.

According to a forecast by Oxford Economics, the number of international outbound trips by Chinese travelers will be about double in 2024 compared to 2023. This comeback in tourism marks the beginning of a revival of China-Europe tourism. European destinations can expect a Chinese market recovery in 2024, expected to reach more than 60 percent of 2019 levels, according to an estimate by the European Travel Commission.

China's visa-free policy also contributes to increasing numbers of Europeans traveling to China. This policy was expanded to five European countries in December and to Switzerland and Ireland in January. It not only has a positive impact on tourism, but also on business activities.

To meet increasing demand, airlines are increasing their capacity on Europe-China routes. For example, Hainan Airlines has already increased the frequency of its direct flights from Beijing to Berlin back to pre-crisis levels.

The spark of the New Year tourism revival between China and Europe promises to continue to burn. The visa-free policy and optimistic forecasts give hope for a prosperous Year of the Dragon and exchanges between people on both sides.

Flag of the People's Republic of China (Photo: Pixabay).
Flag of the People's Republic of China (Photo: Pixabay).