Erbil rocket fire: Austrian Airlines continues to use Iraq airspace

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The airline Austrian Airlines will currently continue to fly over Iraq. For example, OS45 used the airspace near Erbil, where there was rocket fire at night.

A spokesperson told Aviation.Direct: “The safety of our crews and passengers is our top priority. Our security department is therefore constantly evaluating the situation on site together with Lufthansa Group Security and national and international authorities. Overflights over Iraq can currently continue in compliance with strict security requirements. The situation will be continually assessed and, if necessary, appropriate adjustments will be made.”

The Iraqi region of Erbil was attacked last night by rockets that, according to various agency reports, came from Iranian groups. The attacks are said to have been primarily directed against United States facilities.

Airbus A320neo (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Airbus A320neo (Photo: Jan Gruber).