Ethiopian Airlines increases flight frequency to Zurich

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The Ethiopian national airline Ethiopian Airlines is significantly expanding its flight offering to Zurich. It currently flies the Addis Ababa – Zurich route five times a week. From October 27 this year, the frequency will be increased to seven flights per week. What is new is that the flights will include a stopover at Milan Malpensa Airport.

The decision to expand the offer comes due to the increased demand for connections between Ethiopia and Switzerland. Ethiopian Airlines aims to offer improved accessibility to both business travelers and tourists. The integration of Milan-Malpensa as a stopover is part of the strategy to attract additional passengers and increase the efficiency of the flight routes.

The airline emphasizes that the expansion of its offer is a response to the growing number of passengers and the needs of travelers. Ethiopian Airlines is known for its international connections and aims to further strengthen its presence in the European aviation market.

Boeing 787-8 (Photo: Robert Spohr).
Boeing 787-8 (Photo: Robert Spohr).