Eurocontrol: Flight volumes in summer 2023 are seven percent below pre-crisis levels

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The latest Eurocontrol figures show that air traffic over Europe in the calendar months of June to August 2023 reached around 93 percent of the pre-crisis level. Compared to the same period last year, this was increased by seven percent. 

The volume was particularly strong on the southeast axis from Croatia to Turkey, with an even greater increase in traffic volume - well over 10% compared to 2022. On average, there were 32 flights per day. 

On average, the flights were delayed by 3,8 minutes. This was roughly at the same level as in the previous year. Weather-related delays increased significantly from 1,0 minutes/flight to 1,6 minutes/flight. Excluding the weather factor, ATFM delays per flight decreased by 18% from 2,7 minutes/flight to 2,3 minutes/flight. 

Airplane in the sky (Photo: Robert Spohr).
Airplane in the sky (Photo: Robert Spohr).