Finnair resumes flights to Tartu

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Finnair announced that it will resume flights to Tartu, Estonia from June 2, 2024. The airline had suspended flight operations for a month to implement a solution to GPS interference at Tartu Airport.

Previous approach procedures were based on GPS signals, which led to problems if they were disrupted. Finnair therefore decided to temporarily suspend flights between Helsinki and Tartu until alternative approach methods without a GPS signal could be introduced.

The updated approach procedures at Tartu Airport now allow approaches using ground-based radio signals transmitted from ground stations. These traditional methods are immune to GPS interference and have been successfully implemented.

Jari Paajanen, Vice President Operations Control at Finnair, praised the Estonian partners for their quick resolution of the problem. Finnair plans to operate the flights to Tartu twice a day, six days a week, using ATR aircraft from Finnair's partner Norra.

Although GPS interference has increased since 2022, Finnair has robust systems and alternative navigation technologies to ensure safe flight operations. Pilots are prepared for GPS disruptions and can respond to them.

Airbus A321 (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).
Airbus A321 (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).