From Mannheim and Friedrichshafen: MHS Aviation serves Elba charters

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Under the Rhein-Neckar Air brand, MHS Aviation will set course for Marina di Campo from Mannheim and Friedrichshafen in the 2024 summer flight schedule on behalf of tour operators.

There were non-stop flights to the Elba Islands from Lake Constance Airport for decades. These were initially carried out by Rheintalflug and later by Intersky. The comeback is therefore welcomed at Friedrichshafen Airport.

Flights from Mannheim and Friedrichshafen are scheduled to take place on Friday between May 17 and October 4, 2024. The aircraft used is Dornier 328 turboprop aircraft. Rhein-Neckar-Air is purely a sales brand. The operating carrier is MHS Aviation.

Dornier 328 (Photo: Rhein-Neckar Air).
Dornier 328 (Photo: Rhein-Neckar Air).