German environmental aid is suing Eurowings for greenwashing allegations

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The organization "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" accuses numerous companies, including the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings, of so-called greenwashing. It is believed that misleading advertising statements are being made and a lawsuit has therefore been filed against the companies concerned.

“An airline selling carbon neutral flights to its customers is highly misleading. A mineral water packaged in thick-walled plastic, which is carted through half of Europe to our food markets, cannot be climate-neutral. Instead of making their products more sustainable, Danone, Eurowings, HelloFresh and Netto shamelessly dupe consumers by claiming to offset the climate impact of their product through questionable compensation projects. Consumers have a right to know the immediate environmental impact, only then can they choose the right alternative. What we are experiencing here is real competition with increasingly brazen claims of alleged climate neutrality through an uncontrolled sale of indulgences," says DUH Managing Director Jürgen Resch.