Greenpeace claims: Private jets cause tax damage to Austria

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The environmental protection organization is once again elaborating on the demand for a “private jet ban”. Now it is claimed that the Austrian state would lose 77 million euros in tax revenue per year.

“Companies that use extremely climate-damaging private jets for their business trips receive tax treats as a reward. In the midst of the escalating climate crisis, this is a scandal,” criticizes Jasmin Duregger, climate and energy expert at Greenpeace in Austria. “Finance Minister Magnus Brunner must finally create a fair tax system that puts an end to the preference for climate-damaging travel, including the introduction of a kerosene tax. We also appeal to Transport Minister Leonore Gewessler to stick with an EU-wide private jet ban, but also to enforce a national ban on private jets in Austria. After all, Austrian private jets fly between Vienna and Salzburg alone around 200 times a year,” says Duregger.

Paint buckets (Photo: Greenpeace / Elsa Palito).
Paint buckets (Photo: Greenpeace / Elsa Palito).