Hurricane “Ciaran”: Düsseldorf Airport reports numerous failures

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Air traffic in North Rhine-Westphalia is suffering from the effects of hurricane “Ciaran”. Düsseldorf Airport is particularly affected.

The hurricane “Ciaran” is leading to numerous cancellations in flight operations in North Rhine-Westphalia, reports the portal. Düsseldorf Airport is particularly affected, as it had to cancel ten flights. The airport also had to divert 14 flights and postpone three flights. These problems are highlighted when considering the flight from Zurich to Düsseldorf. Despite the flight taking off, the decision was made to return to Zurich. Before returning to Zurich, landings were attempted four times without success.

Gate at Düsseldorf Airport (Photo: Robert Spohr).
Gate at Düsseldorf Airport (Photo: Robert Spohr).