Industrial association warns of new AUA strikes

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The industrial association criticizes the fact that the members of the Vida union rejected the latest offer in the AUA-KV negotiations and that a new strike is now on the horizon.

“The KV negotiations at the Austrian airline Austrian Airlines (AUA) have reached a new low. After numerous rounds of negotiations and multiple adjustments to the offer, which is now well above rolling inflation, the union continues to insist on utopian and completely unrealistic demands and is trying to push them through ruthlessly with all the means available to it. In addition to constant work interruptions, with considerable damage to the company itself and the Austrian location, it is above all the tone of the employee representatives that indicates that there is now little willingness to compromise on the part of the employee negotiators. This endangers the future and the existence of the Austrian flagship in air transport. In recent years, AUA has proven that it is possible to successfully run an Austrian airline despite the crises. Now that taxpayers' support has been paid off early and the signs are now pointing to success, investments could now be made in the future that would strengthen Austria as a location. Instead, the union’s unrealistic demands threaten the existence of the company,” said the IV in a press release.

Airbus A320neo (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Airbus A320neo (Photo: Jan Gruber).