Innsbruck Tourism sees a positive trend

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During the general meeting of Innsbruck Tourism in the Congresspark Igls, those responsible looked back on the 2022/23 tourism year and took stock: After the corona-related declines, pleasing upward developments were recorded. The past financial year was also marked by special highlights in the event and congress sector. The new strategy development process was started with a correspondingly positive mood, which is aimed at broad participation by stakeholders and the population with a time frame of 2030.

Peter Paul Mölk, chairman of Innsbruck Tourism, was optimistic at the opening of the general meeting: “The spirit of optimism in city tourism is encouraging, now it is important for us as a team to consolidate the upward trend together with the companies and service providers and to set the right strategic goals to bring about implementation. After five years on the supervisory board, I can now reflect on my first year as chairman of Innsbruck Tourism. We have a strong management board and an extremely committed supervisory board – I would like to thank you very much for that.”

The current tourism year has reached the values ​​of 2019 again

Barbara Plattner, Managing Director of Innsbruck Tourism, emphasizes: “It was a successful year all around. The numbers also show this picture: For the first time after the pandemic, we were able to achieve comparable values ​​to those in 2019.” Katharina Schnitzer-Zach, 1st deputy chairman, Lisa Peer, 2nd deputy chairman, and the co-opted board member Georg Giner sum up The past financial year was also positive: “After the new elections at the 2022 general meeting, we have come together to form a very good team. With representatives from all voting groups on the board, all members of the region are well represented, the necessary discourse is conducted openly and constructively - in this way we advance the region holistically. This is essential, especially with regard to strategy development,” said the three board members in unison.

Innsbruck logo (Photo: Unsplash / Marian Kroell).
Innsbruck logo (Photo: Unsplash / Marian Kroell).