Klagenfurt Airport modernizes parking space management

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Parking management at Klagenfurt Airport will be modernized at the end of March 2024. They are also relying on a collaboration with the German company “Peter Park”, which is intended to enable a barrier-free, digital parking space management system.

The new system works without barriers and without parking tickets, so that those parked at Klagenfurt Airport can drive into the parking areas and park directly without stopping. The system registers license plates at entrances and exits using cameras and scanners. It is not possible to see who is sitting in the vehicle. In addition to the license plates, the solution saves the entry and exit times and automatically calculates the parking duration. The license plate scan is carried out in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

The parking fees can be paid at the end of your stay either at easy-to-use machines or using the Easypark parking app by providing your license plate number. In addition to card payments, the machines also offer the option to pay using Apple and Google Pay.

Maximilian Wildt, Managing Director at Klagenfurt Airport, on the advantages of the new parking system: “With the introduction of digital and barrier-free parking space management, our airport will become more customer-oriented and sustainable. The passengers save time and the airport saves costs, so everyone benefits, and we can also score points with even faster routes.”

Klagenfurt Airport (Photo: René Steuer).
Klagenfurt Airport (Photo: René Steuer).