Lufthansa will fly with an Allegris cabin from May 1, 2024

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From May 1, 2024, Lufthansa's new Allegris cabin will be available to passengers on an Airbus A350-900. First we go to Toronto, Canada, and Vancouver.

With additional A350s delivered, the Allegris cabin will also be used on flights to Chicago and Montreal in the summer. For the first time, travelers can now view a seat map for all Allegris flights from May 1st in the well-known booking channels with all special Allegris seats, such as the five options in business class. Through a photo gallery with important additional information about the different variants, travelers can get a detailed picture of the product advantages of the different options. 

Airbus A350-900 (Photo: Lufthansa).
Airbus A350-900 (Photo: Lufthansa).