Munich: 70-year-old wanted to bribe the police with $ 100 – received a fine of $ 1.000

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A 70-year-old American woman tried to leave the Federal Republic of Germany without a passport at Munich Airport on Saturday, July 15, 2023. She had the brilliant idea of ​​offering a federal police officer $100 in cash as a bribe.

According to the executive, the woman was booked on Lufthansa flight LH414. She stated that she forgot her passport on the feeder flight from Athens to Munich. Since she had to switch from Schengen to non-Schengen in Munich, she had to go through the passport control of the federal police. There she made the officer a verbal offer of bribery, which he is said to have rejected. She then placed a $100 bill on the console.

It was of no use, because the officer filed a complaint for attempted bribery. Since the woman is not resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, a deposit of 1.000 euros was collected – in cash against an official receipt. She was unable to board the flight to the US because she had to go to the US consulate to apply for an emergency passport.

Inscription on a German police uniform (Photo: Pixabay).
Inscription on a German police uniform (Photo: Pixabay).