Railway passenger rights softened from June 7, 2023

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With effect from June 7, 2023, the passenger rights for passengers of railway companies will be relaxed. In numerous cases in which passengers have previously been able to claim compensation or fare reductions, there will be nothing left to get in the future.

EU Regulation 2021/782 will formally come into force on the specified date. For passengers, this means that delays and cancellations due to bad weather, misconduct by passengers or third parties or sabotage are no longer subject to compensation. The ordinance also stipulates that the delay must have been "unavoidable" despite all efforts. This means that disputes in court are already pre-programmed, because it can be assumed that some operators could get creative when finding excuses.

What is also new is that in the event of cancellations, the operators have a great deal of freedom with regard to alternative transport. De facto, passengers no longer have a say and have to accept being rebooked onto other trains, buses or even flights. Tickets from other railway companies may also be handed out. With regard to the scale of compensation, there are no significant changes.

Siemens Ventus of the Raaber Railway (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Siemens Ventus of the Raaber Railway (Photo: Jan Gruber).