SSJ-100 and MS-21 are to be marketed as Yakovlev

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The aircraft manufacturing group UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) is faced with the challenge of giving its new aircraft models a uniform umbrella name. Previously, the Superjet and the MS-21 were marketed under different brands: the Superjet as the Sukhoi Superjet and the MS-21 as the Irkut MS-21. But with structural changes within the group, including the integration of the Superjet under Irkut, a new name became necessary.

Now UAC's parent company, Rostec, has decided on a common name, as Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov announced to the RBC newspaper. The Superjet 100 and MS-21 aircraft models are to be merged under the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Chemezov expressed the belief that the new umbrella name for the entire range of civilian UAC aircraft will be “Yakovlev”.

This strategic decision marks a consolidation of the brand and is intended to strengthen the identity of UAC aircraft. The merger under the Yakovlev Design Bureau could increase the visibility and recognition of the aircraft models and send a clear brand message.

Sukhoi SSJ-100 (Photo: Panfily).
Sukhoi SSJ-100 (Photo: Panfily).