Saarbrücken is also affected: Lumiwings is ceasing Tuzla activities

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The Greek airline Lumiwings lists all subsidized flight routes served from Tuzla. The Saarbrücken connection has already been abandoned.

Just a few days ago it was announced that Lumiwings was making the offer will be greatly reduced in March 2024. The airport has now confirmed that it has been informed by email that the carrier will completely withdraw from Tuzla Airport by March 31, 2024. One regrets the decision. Apparently the reason for the discontinuation of subsidized flights is that demand is so much below expectations that Lumiwings cannot operate them to cover costs despite subsidies. The carrier itself refused to make any statement.

Boeing 737-300 (Photo: Ken Fielding / https: //
Boeing 737-300 (Photo: Ken Fielding / https: //