Salzburg Airport continues to invest in solar energy

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Salzburg Airport will purchase additional solar modules to generate electricity. The roof expansion on the parking garage alone is expected to deliver 1,13 megawatts (peak) of electrical power.

Since September 11th, technicians and contracted specialist companies have been busy building a state-of-the-art PV system across the entire parking garage area. In the final expansion, there will be 2.658 PV modules installed, with each individual module providing an output of around 425 Wp (watt peak). Overall, the system will be able to achieve a total output of 1,13 MWp (megawatt peak). Technically speaking, the PV system consists of two parts, the first part consisting of 848 modules (total output of 360.400 Wp) and the second part of 1.810 modules (total output of 769.250 Wp). After the substructure was built, numerous modules were installed, wired and finally put into operation.

To ensure that the energy is available to the airport without loss, a new transformer building was built between stairwell C and the exit ramp to the basement. This is used to feed the energy generated by the second part of the system into the airport's 2 kV medium-voltage network. The system was completed in mid-December and trial operation began.

Salzburg Airport (Photo: Salzburg Airport Presse).
Salzburg Airport (Photo: Salzburg Airport Presse).