TÜV Austria gives tips for safe travel in summer

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With the start of the summer holidays, many travelers are faced with the challenge of preparing their vehicles for the high temperatures. The rising temperatures can not only overload the technology of the cars, but also affect the concentration and comfort of the drivers. Therefore, careful preparation and appropriate measures are essential to reach your destination safely and relaxed.

Experts from TÜV Austria recommend creating a checklist for the vehicle and its equipment. This should ensure that important points such as the condition of the air conditioning, sufficient fluid intake and regular breaks during the journey are observed. TÜV Austria has developed special summer checklists for this purpose, which include vehicle preparation and tips for a pleasant car journey. Following these recommendations should help to minimize the risks of overheating and fatigue and ensure a safe and pleasant holiday journey.

Motorists stuck in traffic (Photo: Unsplash/J Torres).
Motorists stuck in traffic (Photo: Unsplash/J Torres).