The former Tegel airport area is to be turned into a park

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Berlin-Tegel Airport was taken offline in late autumn 2020. Since then, the future use of the area has been discussed. Politicians have now declared that a park measuring around 190 hectares should also be created.

According to the statement, this should become a “central component of the vision of re-use of Tegel Airport”. It is currently planned that the green spaces around the runways, which should be preserved, should be created. The construction plans should then be officially submitted in winter 2025. The opening is announced for 2029. So it is a rather long-term project.

Aviation.Direct has some photos taken shortly before Tegel Airport was closed provided at this link. A report about Berlin-Tempelhof Airport can be found here.

Berlin-Tegel Airport (Photo: Pixabay).
Berlin-Tegel Airport (Photo: Pixabay).