WKÖ Aviation Chairman criticizes Salzburg-Vienna flight ban: Demand for lifting for business location

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Günther Ofner, aviation chairman of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), vehemently supports the demand by Salzburg's deputy governor Stefan Schnöll to lift the flight ban between Salzburg and Vienna. Ofner refers to a strategic study by the aviation professional group, which has shown that the ban leads to a shift in passenger volume to foreign airports and significantly damages Salzburg as a business location.

 Over 90% of passengers used the flight connection to change planes in Vienna, with many now opting for long car journeys to Munich Airport or transfers in Frankfurt. Ofner stresses that a ban will further reduce the connectivity and attractiveness of Austria, especially Salzburg, as a business location. Instead, he calls for the promotion of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) to support climate-friendly flying.

Günther Ofner (Photo: Flughafen Wien AG).
Günther Ofner (Photo: Flughafen Wien AG).