Winter travel destinations: These have the fewest flight delays and cancellations

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For anyone who wants to escape the winter temperatures in Germany, AirHelp, the largest organization for air passenger rights, has researched which destinations are easiest to reach without flight problems.

At these locations, passengers can expect not only sunshine, but also a relaxing flight. For this purpose, flight cancellations and delays in the winter months of December and January of the last two years were examined.

Among the sunny destinations, Thailand and Qatar perform best

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world: tropical beaches, ancient ruins and temperatures of up to 30 degrees attract many holidaymakers to the country in winter. Around 75.300 holidaymakers traveled to the Southeast Asian country from Germany in December and January - 19 percent of whom were affected by flight delays. In addition to Thailand, Qatar is also a good place to travel in winter: the cancellation and delay rate here was also 19 percent. This means that the two countries share first place in the study. Although Thailand and Qatar performed best, one in five passengers experienced cancellations or delays.

With a total of 24.300 passengers and a delay rate of 21,5 percent, Oman comes in third place. Here, holidaymakers can expect a lot of sun and minor delays during the German winter.

Vietnam was able to secure first place in winter 2022/2023

Whether impressive landscapes or culinary delights: If you want to escape the winter blues in Germany, Vietnam is the right place for you. Last winter, i.e. in December 2022 and January 2023, only 9,9 percent of the 24.800 passengers were affected by flight problems. This secured Vietnam first place. Even in the previous winter, passengers who traveled to Qatar from Germany could expect comparatively few flight disruptions: the country took second place with a delay rate of 20,2 percent. Ethiopia finally follows in third place with 24,8 percent of delayed passengers. However, there is a partial travel warning for the country in East Africa this year, which is why vacationers should find out about possible travel regions in advance.

These are the most popular travel destinations for Germans in winter

On average, 16,7 percent of all passengers in Germany flew to their own country. This is most likely due to family visits at Christmas, business trips or connecting flights. Spain finally follows in second place with a share of 8,4 percent of passengers. Turkey and Great Britain share third place among the most popular travel destinations with 7,1 percent of passengers. The USA and Italy are also considered hotspots for Germans: an average of 5,9 and five percent of passengers traveled to the two countries in winter.

In the past two months, a total of around 12,2 million people have flown from Germany - of which 35,6 percent (4,4 million passengers) took off late. The previous winter, slightly fewer, around 12 million Germans, took a flight. The delay rate was also slightly lower at 35,3 percent (4,3 million passengers).

Scoreboard (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Scoreboard (Photo: Jan Gruber).