ADV: “Strikes embarrass Germany just in time for the end of the ITB”

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The German Airports Association is angry that the Verdi and GDL unions are calling for a strike from March 7, 2024. In addition to the train drivers, Lufthansa ground staff and security employees in Hamburg and Frankfurt are also taking part in the industrial action.

“In parallel with the strike by Lufthansa ground staff, the aviation security forces in Frankfurt and Hamburg are also due to stop work tomorrow. On the day the world's largest travel and tourism trade fair ends in Berlin, over 250.000 travelers nationwide will be affected by flight cancellations - in addition to the Deutsche Bahn strike. Travel and tourism managers who meet from all over the world for the ITB don't know how they will leave Berlin tomorrow. International trade fair visitors look in disbelief at the standstill in large parts of air traffic brought about by ver.di. “Germany as a business and tourism location is disgraced,” explains Ralph Beisel (ADV General Manager).

ITB 2023 main entrance (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).
ITB 2023 main entrance (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).