Airbus shuttle: Volotea adds 34 percent SAF

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Since mid-September 2022, the airline Volotea has been using a 34 percent admixture of SAF between Hamburg-Finkenwerder and Toulouse. The flight route is Airbus' internal works shuttle. The Spanish carrier was able to win the corresponding tender some time ago.

The shuttle flights are operated on the traffic days Monday to Friday. These are exclusively for Airbus employees and connect the production sites in Hamburg-Finkenwerder and Toulouse. According to Volotea, the SAF mixture is refueled in Germany for the outward and return flight.

“We are very proud to take more and more steps to decarbonize the aviation industry together with our partner Airbus. Our collaboration on the Airbus shuttle service is progressing in the best direction, as evidenced by the relentless commitment of our two companies to sustainable aviation,” explains Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO of Volotea

Airbus A319 (Photo: Volotea).
Airbus A319 (Photo: Volotea).