ATC strikes: Ryanair submits petition to EU Commission

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On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the low-cost airline Ryanair handed over a petition signed by 1,1 million people to the EU Commission with the aim of at least allowing overflights during ATC strikes. Company boss Michael O'Leary traveled to Brussels especially for this purpose.

Specifically, the petition is directed against the practice in France, whose minimum standards during ATC strikes provide for domestic flights to be preferred. International flights that only fly over the country are often unable to use the airspace. Ryanair criticized that in the first five months alone there were ten times as many strike days as in the previous year.

Ryanair is calling on the EU Commission, led by Ursula von der Leyen, to heed the petition of more than 1,1 million EU passengers and demand that all EU states protect overflights during air traffic control strikes it is already the case in Greece, Italy and Spain,” the carrier said.

Tail fin Boeing 737-800 (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Tail fin Boeing 737-800 (Photo: Jan Gruber).