BER is looking for ideas for reusing the ex-SXF terminals

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During the corona pandemic, the terminal buildings of the former Schönefeld Airport, some of which date back to GDR times and were last known as BER Terminal 5, were decommissioned. Now three architecture and planning offices are to take care of the possible subsequent use. 

The operating company is of the opinion that the capacities of the former Schönefeld buildings are no longer needed. That’s not completely outlandish, because Berlin recently had around a million fewer passengers per month than before the corona pandemic. The offer has also shrunk noticeably, since Easyjet, for example, is only on the “low flame” from BER. 

"The development of a modern and sustainable district in the northern part of the airport area is the start of a comprehensive transformation of the location by the airport company. We want to rethink the environment of BER and make it future-proof through an unconventional, economically sensible and sustainable development. In the immediate vicinity of the airport, a modern and lively city quarter will be created in the coming years, which will decisively change and shape the current location," says BER boss Aletta von Massenbach. 

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Terminal 5 (Photo: Granit Pireci).
Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Terminal 5 (Photo: Granit Pireci).