Bremen Airport is renovating Taxiway A

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Runway A at Bremen Airport is due to be renovated by April 30, 2023. This does not impede flight operations. During this time, for take-offs to the east, the aircraft access the runway via taxiway C, taxi along it to the west and make a so-called “backtrack” – in order to then initiate the take-off as usual after a turn on the regular runway.

Small and medium-sized aircraft turn directly on the runway, large aircraft use the special "West" runway for their backtrack during this time, as they need a larger radius to turn, then taxi to the threshold of the regular runway and take off from there. The state aviation authority has approved this procedure and the municipality of Stuhr has also approved it.

Bremen Airport (Photo: Flughafen Bremen GmbH).
Bremen Airport (Photo: Flughafen Bremen GmbH).