Bremen: British Airways closes German service center

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The IAG group member British Airways dissolves the service center based in Bremen, Germany. Around 200 employees will be affected by the forthcoming liquidation.

The carrier has had a call and service center in Bremen under the name Flyline since 1996, which mainly looked after passengers from German-speaking countries. According to “FVW”, operations were already discontinued at the end of 2022. The management now has to carry out the liquidation.

The background to the change is that British Airways is separating from its own call and service centers because they are outsourced to an external service provider. In the future, customers from the DA-CH region will be served by a third-party provider from Romania. In this context, around 200 people who previously worked for British Airways from Bremen have lost their jobs.

Telephone (photo: Jan Gruber).
Telephone (photo: Jan Gruber).