Be careful at the Donauinselfest: strict towing measures

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The Donauinselfest from June 21 to 23, 2024 will not only bring music and entertainment, but also strict traffic regulations. The ÖAMTC warns that vehicles parked illegally will be rigorously towed away. The costs for towing, storage, reporting and any taxis required can amount to over 400 euros.

In order to ensure that emergency vehicles have free access, visitors to the festival should use public transport and park-and-ride facilities. According to the ÖAMTC, anyone who does not want to go to the Donauinselfest should use the toll-requiring connections via the Prater Bridge (A23) or the Nord Bridge. Obstructions due to the large influx of people are to be expected on the Floridsdorf, Brigittenau and Reichs Bridges.

In addition, the comprehensive short-term parking zone regulations in Vienna (Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. to 22 p.m.) must be observed on Friday. The ÖAMTC offers information on short-term parking zones, resident zones, parking garages, parking spaces and park-and-ride facilities in its app and route planner.

Tow truck (Photo: Andrew Valdivia/Unsplash).
Tow truck (Photo: Andrew Valdivia/Unsplash).