Climate change: Kraus-Winkler does not see Austria's ski areas in danger

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Austria's Secretary of State for Tourism, Suanne Kraus-Winkler, believes that the local winter sports resorts should be better prepared than those in other countries for possible challenges that could arise from global warming.

The member of the government refers to a Franco-Austrian study. Among other things, this comes to the conclusion that most ski areas in Austria are prepared for a temperature rise of around two degrees Celsius, since around 50 percent of the snow is said to be artificial snow. The study also states that technical snowmaking only contributes a relatively small part to CO2 emissions.

“Climate change poses challenges for all ski destinations across Europe and requires sustainable and future-oriented solutions. All the more gratifying is the scientific confirmation that Austria is already a pioneer in this area and that skiing will continue to be possible in the coming decades," said Secretary of State for Tourism Susanne Kraus-Winkler on the occasion of the recently published study on the future of Europe's ski areas.

Riesneralm (Photo: Ski Riesneralm).
Riesneralm (Photo: Ski Riesneralm).