Cologne: Lufthansa is considering relocating its headquarters to Frankfurt or Munich

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No other airline is as closely associated with Frankfurt am Main as Lufthansa. Although the largest administration location is also located here, the official company headquarters are located in Cologne. The group is considering moving this to Frankfurt or Munich.

No decision has yet been made because, according to a company spokesman, the considerations are at a "very early stage". The registered office of Lufthansa AG is in Cologne, despite the fact that the group is de facto derived from the Lufthansa Aviation Center, which is located on the site of Frankfurt Airport.

Now one is considering whether this could be relocated to Frankfurt or Munich. There are numerous arguments for both cities. The fact that the main hub and the largest administrative location is maintained here speaks in favor of the first-mentioned city. One of the arguments for the Bavarian state capital is that they work closely with the airport there and, for example, jointly operate Terminal 2.

Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).