Condor sells striped beer cans

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In cooperation with a brewery from Berlin, Condor is now launching a beer that bears the "striped look" of the holiday airline. This is marketed under the name "Ferien Lager". It should be a light shade.

“We look forward to serving our guests “Ferien Lager” together with BrewDog. Whether on the way to a beach holiday or on the way to the next adventure trip, the creation is the ideal companion to get in the mood for the time-out on board. In addition, the cans were designed in our sunny Condor stripes,” says Christian Schmitt, COO of Condor.

The beer cans are available, among other things, on board Condor aircraft, but also in the Brew Dog brewery's online shop. These should not come to regular retail outlets – at least for the time being.