D-AIMK: Lufthansa transfers A380 to Manila for C-Check

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In the summer of 2023, Lufthansa will put some Airbus A380 aircraft back into scheduled service. For this purpose, the D-AIMK was transferred from Frankfurt am Main to Manila at the weekend. Background: A necessary C-Check is carried out at the Lufthansa Technik site there.

The work will take around two months, so that this super jumbo can be put into scheduled service in good time before the main season. The transfer took place on Sunday 29 January 2022 under flight number LH9922.

Another machine of this type, the D-AIMM, is expected to be “redeemed” from long-term storage on February 3, 2023. The long-haul aircraft is to be transferred from Teruel to Frankfurt am Main. In the meantime, there should be concrete considerations at management level that all eight remaining A380s should be returned to scheduled service.

Airbus A380 (Photo: Lufthansa / Oliver Roesler).
Airbus A380 (Photo: Lufthansa / Oliver Roesler).