Dortmund Airport has trained new energy scouts

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Apprentices at Dortmund Airport have obtained the additional qualification as so-called energy scouts for the third time. This includes three full-day workshops, which are carried out by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in cooperation with the Energy Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia.

"The project covers all areas of sustainability: ecology, economy and social issues and therefore fits very well into our sustainability program," says Heike Helmboldt, supervisor of the energy scouts and sustainability officer at the airport. "The trainees are directly involved through their own efficiency projects, they are made aware of environmental issues and their own initiative is encouraged".

The focus of this project is the smart, proactive, needs-based building control (heat, cold, electricity) of the terminal using AI-supported software. By taking into account weather forecasts, flight schedules, passenger numbers, etc., the energy flows can be directed as required, with foresight and automatically by the building management system.

Spring at the DTM (Photo: Lisa Tüch/Dortmund Airport).
Spring at the DTM (Photo: Lisa Tüch/Dortmund Airport).