Duro23: Zurich completes emergency exercise

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A few days ago, Zurich-Kloten Airport successfully carried out a periodically required emergency drill.

The aim of the “DURO23” exercise was for the emergency services and organizations to be able to train their processes and gain knowledge for an emergency in an environment that was as realistic as possible. In addition to various organizational units of Flughafen Zürich AG, the Zurich Cantonal Police, Zurich Protection & Rescue, SWISS, various handling agents, Airport Emergency Teams, the Zurich Public Prosecutor's Office and the Cantonal Civil Defense Company were also involved. At the same time, Zurich Airport's rear emergency organization - the crisis team, crisis information and support services - was deployed and exercised.

In the scenario of the emergency exercises, those responsible rely on realistic events and locations. In this year's emergency exercise "DURO23", the event included a crashed landing with damage to an A220 aircraft, a fire in a building caused by the accident and an accident involving a tour bus. A total of around 400 trained people and around 180 figurants - including a school class - took part in the emergency exercise. In addition, around 50 people took care of organizing the exercise. The results are now evaluated and incorporated into a detailed overall assessment. The findings from the final report are intended to contribute to the further optimization of the emergency organization at Zurich Airport.

Zurich-Kloten Airport (Photo: Flughafen Zürich AG).
Zurich-Kloten Airport (Photo: Flughafen Zürich AG).