Engine problems: Wizz Air has to thin out the flight schedule

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The problems surrounding the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney are hitting the Wizz Air Group much harder than previously assumed. The company predicts that it will have to reduce its offering by around ten percent next year.

The PW engines of the A320neo and A321neo models, which Wizz Air uses on a large scale, are mainly affected. Since these tend to cause problems particularly often in the heat of Abu Dhabi, they have begun to switch to Ceo models.

Nevertheless, Wizz Air expects that the matter could drag on even longer. The group said, among other things: “Wizz Air is currently assessing the impact on its fleet, with initial estimates pointing to a possible capacity reduction of 10% in the second half of the 2024 financial year.”

Airbus A321neo engine (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Airbus A321neo engine (Photo: Jan Gruber).