EU tightens rules for Airbnb and Co

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At EU level, the rules for the private rental of accommodation for tourist purposes will be tightened next year. The placement portals are obliged to make the names of tenants and landlords available to the authorities. 

If they do not comply, the agents will be asked to pay for any taxes and duties that are not paid by the landlords. Airbnb has already reacted to the project and announced in a circular that in the future it will block accommodation providers who do not comply with the obligation to provide information despite requests and, if necessary, withhold money. 

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce welcomes the legal change. It is hoped that this will create equal opportunities between private and commercial landlords. Just recently Italy confiscated a large sum on Airbnb. 

Finca (Photo: Unsplash).
Finca (Photo: Unsplash).