Eurowings: A Fürther invented the airline name

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Today's Eurowings was formed on February 1, 1993 from the merger of the Nuremberg Air Service (NFD) and Dortmunder Reise- und Industrieflug (RFG). What a lot of people don't know: Günter Mayer, who was born in Fürth and worked as an aircraft mechanic for the young airline, invented the name that is well-known throughout Europe.

"At the time, there was a call to the workforce to come up with a suitable name," Mayer recalls. “I combined the English word for wings, wings, with the European route network. This is how Eurowings came about.” A flight captain had the same idea. Both received a bonus of 500 marks for their idea – the equivalent of around 256 euros.

Günter Mayer is passionate about aviation through and through. Although he now works at Lufthansa in Munich in aircraft deployment control, he regularly visits "his" airport in Nuremberg to record what is happening on the apron and to photograph aircraft as a "spotter". He has also been active as a tour guide at the airport for many years and accompanies bus tours with expert explanations, including the annual city tours.

Is Günter Mayer proud of his idea, to which Eurowings owes its name? "Yes, I'm proud to have invented the name Eurowings - but also a bit sad that there is no longer a Eurowings base in Nuremberg, where it all began. There's a bit of melancholy about the anniversary right now."

Günter Mayer from Fürth, holding an NFD model aircraft, invented the name
Günter Mayer from Fürth, with an NFD model aircraft in hand, invented the name "Eurowings" (Photo: Nuremberg Airport/Simon Rein).