Brandnertal: Experience the full moon on the mountains

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The full moon in the Brandnertal (Vorarlberg, Austria) becomes an experience: the mountain railway takes you to the atmospheric natural spectacle with an active culinary program free of charge.

A summer night in the mountains. A mild wind caresses the skin. The view sweeps through the velvety twilight over the mountain peaks, which are strung like a string of pearls. And then suddenly there it is, the guest of honor of the evening – the full moon. It is an experience in itself, how it enchants the atmosphere mystically and atmospherically with its warm glow. But in combination with the panorama of the Vorarlberg Alps and an active culinary program, the full moon becomes a unique experience.

The mountain railways in the Austrian Brandnertal make this experience possible. On the full moon evenings in summer 2023, they take all guests up into the mountains free of charge. In addition to the unique atmosphere on the mountain, which you rarely get to feel, a series of guided full moon adventures await: A hike at dusk to the summit of the Loischkopf with an impressive view of the setting sun. Soothing forest breathing with yoga exercises in the soft light of the forest. Followed by a cozy barbecue evening on the terrace of Restaurant Frööd with a top-quality mountain BBQ.

This is how the full moon experience on the mountain becomes a lasting memory. Mark the dates in your calendar right away: 04.06. | 03.07. | 01.08. | 31.08/29.09 | 28.10.2023/XNUMX | XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX 

Skiers in the chairlift (Photo: Unsplash / Glade Optics).
Skiers in the chairlift (Photo: Unsplash / Glade Optics).