FACC AG brings aviation technology into everyday life

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In 2021, at the peak of the Corona Pandemic, FACC AG started developing an antimicrobial surface coating for aircraft cabins, which is now also available to other industries. The product ensures germ-free surfaces for a long time and thus increases safety for aircraft passengers. At the Congress for Hospital Management in Innsbruck, it was announced today that this aviation technology will be made available to other sectors by the FACC subsidiary CoLT.

“During the pandemic, we were looking for a surface disinfection solution in high-traffic areas such as aircraft interiors. The technology transfer that is taking place from the aviation industry to other sectors is a highly interesting expansion of our business field for us," emphasizes CoLT Managing Director Martin Mistlberger.

Easy to use - high security

Pure Cabin is applied in spray form to the surfaces to be disinfected and effectively reduces the number of microorganisms. The easy-to-use, alcohol- and chlorine-free product is listed by the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) and remains effective for up to a year. The long-lasting and aerospace-approved coating is also highly attractive for other industries. The product is sold together with JFJ GmbH as a partner. Managing Director Josef Joachimbauer: “This product is a game changer for the healthcare industry! The effectiveness has already been proven by the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology and we are seeing strong demand for this solution, especially in the field of medicine and hygiene products.”

Photo: FACC AG.
Photo: FACC AG.