FACC wins employer award

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In the latest edition of “Randstad Employer Brand Research” FACC was named one of the most attractive employers in Austria. The study, which is one of the largest and most renowned employer rankings in the country, is based on a representative survey of over 4.300 participants who rated the 150 largest companies in Austria.

The most important criteria for choosing an employer were wages and social benefits, job security, working atmosphere and work-life balance. FACC achieved outstanding ratings in all of these areas and is therefore one of the top six employers in all of Austria. What is particularly noteworthy is that FACC takes first place in Upper Austria and third place in the national industry ranking. These results underline FACC's attractiveness as an employer and its ability to achieve top positions in both regional and national comparisons.

New FACC cabin (Photo: FACC AG).
New FACC cabin (Photo: FACC AG).