Forecast for Austria: Events cause traffic volume

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After busy weekends, Austria's roads will be a little quieter this weekend, although the Nova Rock Festival and two cycling events will lead to increased traffic.

Nova Rock Festival shakes Nickelsdorf

From Thursday to Sunday (13th to 16th June) the Nova Rock Festival will take place at the Pannonia Fields near Nickelsdorf. Up to 200.000 visitors are expected to see bands such as Green Day, Maneskin, Alice Cooper and Aut of Orda. The arrival and departure of festival visitors will lead to traffic disruptions, especially on the East Autobahn (A4) and Budapester Straße (B10). The ARBÖ recommends travelling by train and shuttle bus to avoid long traffic jams.

Upper Austria cycling tour causes short-term closures

The Upper Austria Cycle Tour takes place from Thursday to Sunday, beginning with a prologue on June 13 in Linz. This is followed by three stages on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which lead through various regions of Upper Austria. Despite short-term road closures, the ARBÖ expects there to be few traffic restrictions.

Mondsee 5 Lakes Cycling Marathon brings increased traffic

On Sunday, June 16, the Mondsee 5 Lakes Cycling Marathon will take place, with around 2.000 participants from 30 nations expected. Roads such as the Wolfgangsee Straße (B158) and the Lammertal Straße (B162) are particularly affected. The ARBÖ advises caution and points out that there will be no road closures, but traffic restrictions due to cyclists.

Smartphone (Photo: Angelika Evergreen).
Smartphone (Photo: Angelika Evergreen).