Frankfurt-Hahn: The purchase price has not yet been transferred

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The purchase price for the sale of the insolvent Frankfurt-Hahn regional airport has not yet been paid. According to the “Cochemer Wochenspiegel”, the insolvency administrator has extended the deadline to November 15, 2022.

Insolvency administrator Jan Markus Plathner explained that there had been some delays in the aviation approval. However, this has no influence on flight operations, because these can also be self-financing in November 2022. He expects the deal with Swift Conjoy GmbH to be concluded positively.

At Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, people are hoping for a quiet future with the new owners, because the past was full of curiosities. In the first privatization attempt, a supposed investor turned out to be a small tire dealer in China and the deal did not materialize due to a lack of cash flow. The majority takeover by the HNA Group resulted in insolvency, from which the airport is now to be bought out by Swift Conjoy GmbH.

Ryanair at Frankfurt Hahn Airport (Photo: Frankfurt Hahn Airport).
Ryanair at Frankfurt Hahn Airport (Photo: Frankfurt Hahn Airport).