Holiday bookings: consumer advice center warns of internet scammers

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Many people are currently looking for last minute bargains for their summer vacations. Where savings are to be made, fraudsters who are only interested in taking the money out of their pockets are not far away. The German consumer advice center expressly warns.

According to the consumer advocates, there are clear warning signals that the price is considerably cheaper than that of other providers and that additional pressure is being exerted. Fraudsters are also said to try to circumvent the security measures of regular providers, for example by shifting communication to WhatsApp. In addition, a high down payment is usually required.

People who have been taken in by scammers should try to stop the payment and file a criminal complaint with the police department responsible for their place of residence with as many documents, screenshots and other evidence as possible.

Coffee cup (Photo: Pixabay).
Coffee cup (Photo: Pixabay).